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Introducing Financial Holographix® Inc.

“Solving Business Mysteries with Math”

We provide a powerful suite of management accounting services to owners and managers of middle market companies with serious growth ambitions.

From our self-service Nimble Knowledge Toolbox to accounting management to customized KPI reporting with Business Analysis and Consulting, you get big data and insight customized for how unique your business really is. We’ve seen how entrepreneurial companies outgrow their initial systems. The bookkeeper/outside accountant model is reactive and handcuffs you. This is bad for progress. And if you engage business consultants but don’t have custom metrics it can become sophisticated guesstimating without accountability. We deliver professional accounting and finance disciplines into your business so you make money from hiring us.

You didn’t take a job as a financial geek for someone else. Why take that job in your own business? Even if you engage hourly Controllers and CFOs you still have to manage this function. What you need is our affordable system where you choose the level of support you want at this stage of your business. Then expand on your terms. Our technology and web-based delivery model evolves as you grow, transferring knowledge and skill to your key employees so they work harder and smarter for you.

What makes us unique is our founder’s dedication to looking forward and taking the initiative – so you don’t have to know what to ask for to get what you need.

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Wondering what holograms have to do with accounting and finance?

Business is full of mystery. That’s half the fun, right? Math has the power to convert business activities (that you see) into data (that makes your eyes glaze over) and project a 3-D image of what’s happening inside and outside the business (like you’ve never seen it before).

Give us one year of financials, we’ll calculate some ratios and show a 1-D image of your business. Give us 3-4 years’ and we’ll calculate trends and print a 2-D image of your business. By adding industry data we’ll render a dynamic 3-D image of your business and your path forward.

The power of math done well is the ability to see around corners and connect dots that don’t even exist in the real world right now.