Bank Funding

Have you ever wished you could read bankers’ and credit analysts’ minds to figure out what in the world they are thinking?

Now, you can stop wishing for ESP and gain bank financing insight instead.

Our bank funding strategies are built on years of commercial credit analysis and underwriting experience. We know the truth – bankers want a loan package that makes them look smart for lending you money.

Have you been turned down for bank financing or wonder whether your current loan fits your needs?

Nimble Positioning

  • We know big opportunities can arise with little notice – we’ll be able to give you a bank’s-eye-view of your business.
  • A Financial Holographix subscription includes a basic loan package  – so you’re prepared to seize growth at any moment.
  • We’ll provide a three-dimensional view of your business –  uncovering new opportunities bankers will want to help you pursue.

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