Cash Flow Forecasting

You’ve got a vision and an unyielding passion for success. But, you just don’t have the cash flow you need to fluidly pursue your goals. When your income statements show profit but your cash flow’s tight, you’re putting your company in jeopardy.

There it is, that $30,000 wake-up call — where the bank account is just, well, short.

On the surface, your business seems to be rolling smoothly along, so maybe the dip came from a three-payroll month. Or perhaps quarterly estimated taxes hit you hard, or maybe a customer is holding onto substantial money longer than usual.

Whatever reason you presume got you into this mess, the usual plan of action is to pick your least gut-wrenching option:

  • Pull from personal resources, yet again.
  • Hit the bank line of credit.
  • Delay payments to vendors.

A Better Way

Financial Holographix® will work with you to build a clear picture of your cash flow future, so you can avoid liquidity gaps long before they occur. We analyze what’s driving your cash flow inside and outside the company.

Cash flow forecasting gives you the tools to:

  • Gain applicable insight from your monthly “Statement of Cash Flows”
  • Know the precise pattern of your monthly cash flow
  • Create an annual budget that reflects your cash flow forecasts
  • Work with your bookkeeper to create an accurate aging of accounts receivable report
  • Build a productive annual accounting and finance calendar working

Add us to your accounting team — and never face that dreaded cash flow gap again.