I have a CPA or accountant. Why do I need Financial Holographix®?

I have a bookkeeper. Why do I need Financial Holographix?

What will my subscription include?

How do you create accurate cash-flow forecasting?

Will you help me create a successful bank loan package?

What ROI can I expect from my subscription?

How will my business change if I work with you?

Can I include custom, industry-specific KPIs to my monthly reports?

  • I have a CPA or accountant. Why do I need Financial Holographix?

Financial Holographix serves a very different role for your business. While your accountant helps you comply with external requirements such as taxes, audits or fixed-asset depreciation schedules, we apply the accounting industry’s best practices to pursue your ongoing, unique business goals. We’ll work with you to create cash-flow forecasts and reporting tools that are not only easy to understand and use — they position you to seize growth opportunities whenever they arise.

Think of us as an extended team member, collaborating with your current CPA or accountant to transform your business data into applicable insight.

  • I have a bookkeeper. Why do I need Financial Holographix?

Intelligent bookkeeping is an essential part of keeping your business on track. But there’s more to accounting than daily transaction entries, monthly closeout and financial statements production.

Does your bookkeeper provide cash-flow forecasting? What about timely financial statements you’d feel comfortable presenting to important business associates or lenders?

When you work with Financial Holographix, we’ll focus on creating a three-dimensional view of your financial data, while your bookkeeper continues handling traditional tasks. We don’t manage your books or enter transactions. We show you where your company stands — and how to create sustainable growth.

  • What will my subscription include?


Good question! We’ll become your dedicated Controller, sounding board, business advocate and lending expert by providing services that include:

      • Monthly meetings with your Business Analyst
      • Basic loan package development
      • Cash-flow forecasting
      • Customized business direction survey
      • Unlimited access to your reports
      • Industry benchmarking
      • Annual accounting calendar
      • Email support
      • Instant Monthly Feedback
      • Applicable insight
      • Real Competitor Data
      • Employee training and motivation
      • Powerful infographics

  • How do you create accurate cash-flow forecasting? 

We start by analyzing what’s driving your cash flow inside and outside of the business. Every business is unique, so we look at your specific expenses, seasonal fluctuations, sales cycles, margins and other variables. Then, we combine your business plan and historical monthly financials to create forward-looking cash-flow projections.

Building an accurate model takes three to four months of tweaking as we compare actual cash flow with our projections. But ultimately, we’ll customize your cash-flow forecast and collaborate with you to create an evolving view of your financial horizon.

  • Will you help me create a successful bank loan package?

We think emerging companies should always be prepared for new opportunities. Our annual subscription rates include developing a basic loan package and ongoing updates.

As a former commercial lender and credit underwriter, our founder brings deep lending expertise to Financial Holographix, so we understand exactly what your bank wants to see.

We want to take the burden off your shoulders of having to know what type of financing or terms and conditions to ask for. In fact, we’ll even join your bank meetings by conference call if you’d like our support.

  • What ROI can I expect from my subscription?

Our return on investment goal is 300%, or approximately $54,000 in the first year we work together. We accomplish this objective by helping clients increase operating profits, decrease costs and target profitable opportunities.

  • How will my business change if I work with you?

After 90 days, your chart of accounts will look different, and you’ll understand exactly what financial story your data’s telling. We’ll be well on our way to refining your cash-flow forecasting, and you’ll have at least a basic business plan. Your monthly accounting will compare budget to actual, and your monthly reports will become valuable tools you use regularly to find new insight into your business.

After a year, you’ll have a completely different relationship with cash-flow forecasting. You’ll understand your unique cash-flow drivers and begin seeing into the future. You’ll notice changes in your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and your employees will be more productive. If you’re a borrower, you’ll be able to talk with your lender more confidently. You’ll have a basic loan package in hand that’s ready when opportunity knocks on your door.

And your way of thinking as a business owner will start to change. You’ll find yourself asking us to calculate outcomes when you’re making big decisions, especially for discretionary expenses or investments. You’ll begin to see the power of what a well-functioning business can really do.

After three years, you’ll look back and be amazed to see how far your business has come. You’ll be closer to your dreams and goals than when we started, and you’ll feel that your progress would have been impossible with your old accounting approach. You may have applied for awards (and won some) by then. You’ll feel like the business and employees are working for you and not the other way around.

Plus, thanks to accurate cash-flow forecasting, you’ll have more certainty in your personal finances. And because, at our core, we’re in the math business, we’re excited to say that you’ll be able to measure how much your business’ value has increased since you started working with Financial Holographix.

  • Can I include custom, industry-specific KPIs to my monthly reports?

We know your business is unique, so we believe your monthly reporting must reflect your specific

KPIs. But, we want to perfect your basic reports before adding additional levers.

We’ll work with our standard KPIs for up to the first six months, so we can focus on refining your bookkeeping processes and getting to know you, your team and your business. During that time, we’ll align your monthly uploads with accounting best practices, transform your cash-flow forecasting and fine-tune your business plan.

After we accomplish these milestones — which typically takes three to six months — we can start working on the best KPI package to manage your business.