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Our Nimble Knowledge ToolBox™, Financial Hologram™ and Business Hologram™ process will turn your accounting department into a strategic business function that gets you:

  • Higher Performance
  • Cost Savings
  • Return on Investment
  • Business Agility

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Fio-Markers services


Get your Z-score review (Altman model) to find out:

  • How healthy is it?
  • What if our bank uses this?
  • What’s driving our Score?
  • How could we improve?

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Fio-Markers services


Get a key risk review to uncover:

  • Your “Net Cash after Operations” direction.
  • Potential red flags to our bankers?
  • Potential uncompetitive factors?
  • Your Sustainable Growth Rate.

If you want an itemized picture and a diagnostic discussion with 10x potential ROI click here for more info or to order this service.