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Linda Heath

Introducing Linda M. Heath, RMA-CRC

Founder and Chief Business Analyst
“Sees around corners”

Hi, I’m Linda Heath and I founded Financial Holographix® in 2007 after over 35 years in banking and private enterprise. In regional and community banks, I’ve been a commercial lender, underwriter and credit analyst. I’ve studied historical data and business projections of hundreds of companies, from start-ups to private enterprises to corporate giants. There is a science to figuring out which companies are better risks.

One of my gut-wrenching observations is how poorly the traditional accounting model is serving the needs of middle market companies – at least in terms of the financial reporting required by your banks. For the money spent, you shouldn’t have financials that raise more questions than they answer.

As a small business owner, with first-hand experience in selling, leading projects, paying vendors, meeting payrolls, overcoming “kick-in-the-teeth” challenges – not to mention competition, I used my underwriting skills to anticipate cash flow issues, get bank financing and make strategic business choices.

It turns out, my joy and motivation is working for entrepreneurs who are leaders in their industries – solving their business mysteries with math, relying on accounting and finance disciplines. We follow the eMyth belief that you have to delegate to grow. My role at Financial Holographix is to build a world-class team and they will build emerging Inc. 500 companies of the future. While your regular contact will be with your chosen Accounting Manager or Business Analyst, I’ll be watching over everything we do.

It will be my pleasure to get to know you and your business.
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Myers-Briggs type: “INTP” – the Architect.

If you’re a real entrepreneur, your motto may go like my first business partner’s, “Let’s do something, even if it’s wrong!” My bent for business planning can balance your natural tendencies to leap off the cliff.

Strength-Finder types are:
Strategic, Ideator, Focus, Relator, Intellection.

If you’re consumed by your key roles and daily work, I can look ahead; gather and digest the intel; and serve up predictive analytics before you need it.

Give-back contributions:

Focused on education, economic empowerment and children/youth training and activities at church.